Crafting a New Restaurant Experience

Copeland of New Orleans turned its eyes to Alexandria, LA to create an all-new concept focused on the wants and needs of the local community. As a part of their plan to localize each restaurant based on its surrounding audience, Copeland's came to us to develop a restaurant brand featuring all new amenities, new menus, and an extensive remodel. Among the many concepts our team crafted, Brass Pearl stood-out as a unique experience that better serves the central Louisiana area. The entire brand stems from 3 major components; it's unapologetically New Orleans, fresh with crafted flavor, and dual-branded between Brass and Pearl. With those standards in mind, we were able to partner with the Copeland's team to create an experience unlike any other in the city. 

When you step through our door, you will feel an immediate sense of excitement and joy. There are no rules in “The Big Easy.” At Copeland’s Brass Pearl, you are free to relax and unwind all while experiencing a culinary movement and culture you can’t find anywhere else. The first glimpse at the menu, you realize there is nothing off limits. Copeland’s Brass Pearl is a mixture of authentic New Orleans staples, with a fusion of new and fresh concepts introduced into the culinary scene. 

The real beauty of the atmosphere and food comes from the rich Copeland’s of New Orleans legacy and traditions. Copeland’s is famous for fresh-from-scratch New Orleans elevated flavors and seasonings. Everything served is carefully handcrafted for every guest. Brass Pearl is daring and creative, with a duality of boisterous elegance everyone is sure to fall in love with. Copeland’s Brass Pearl is a reminder that the finer things in life can be found in the delicate combination of the simple and the elaborate.