When Past IT Relationships Have Failed

Jeff Morrow, CEO of Doctor’s Hospital at Deer Creek takes pride in the success and customer satisfaction that his hospital has achieved. He has plenty of reasons to be proud. DHDC has won the Women’s Choice Award for America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience, 3 years in a row! In addition to delivering superior patient satisfaction, hospitals in the current healthcare environment, have become increasingly dependent on technology.  When it is working properly it can enhance the overall patient and employee experience. Like many small hospitals, getting support for this technology can be challenging. Previous relationships with outsourced IT had been less than favorable.  Response to issues was typically slow and no one felt like their problems were considered a priority to the IT vendor. Jeff knew they deserved better so he considered his options. Even though trying another outsourced company didn’t seem all that appealing, he felt it was the best way to have access to various skill sets for about the price of a full time employee. Jeff did what many executives do in his position he consulted other hospitals. This is how he learned about Kinetix. 

After a site visit and a meeting to determine the issues that were most important to Doctor’s Hospital, an agreement was reached to provide full proactive and real time support for the hospital. It didn’t take long for Jeff to be pleased with his decision. 

Why This Administrator Partners with Kinetix

Over the past year and a half, several improvements have been implemented due to the partnership between DHDC and Kinetix Engineers and Account Managers. Using the years of experience, certifications and best practices that the Kinetix team brings to the table, Doctor’s Hospital now has technology that works with them to continue to achieve their stellar patient satisfaction. Jeff was recently reminded again why he is pleased with his decision to hire Kinetix as his technology partner. His current phone system was old and no longer supported.  In addition, it had lost many of the features that are critical to efficiently routing phone calls.  He needed to do something quickly. He reached out to Kinetix for ideas to solve this problem. A perfect solution was quickly suggested, Voice as a Service.  Rather than purchase another phone system and the associated expense of maintenance, Kinetix recommended their hosted PBX solution which would allow their phone service to be delivered over their internet connection. After reviewing the current phone bills and determining the number of users, Kinetix was able to save Doctor’s Hospital $774 on their monthly phone bill alone! They were able to have a phone system with more features than ever before and they kept all of their same phone numbers.